Monday, February 6, 2012

Hi girls
 yesterday went kind of smooth until night time when I share a Cinnamon bun with my boyfriend. Then I took a shower and I did what I had to do with the cinnamon bun.
So I'm still on 140, but as my boyfriend always say after I'm getting upset from not losing weight, 'at least you didn't gain any'.  And it's true, after all I could gain weight from that stupid
Cinnamon bun.
So I promised myself that today going to be a good day for me. 
a skinny one

Love you all


  1. Mmmmm cinnamon buns, so good but so soo bad. Hope you did better today

  2. hey it happens. Last night I indulged in cookies with my boyfriend. They were some of the only things I ate yesterday though.