Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today I'll start a new dance class, ballet and modern dance. I'm so excited about it.
I believe I've never too late;)
So wish me luck

See you later


  1. Wow, ive been thinking about joing a dance class, start back up again. weight just seemed to drop off me when i last did it.

    Stay strong and Think Thin.

    - C xx

    1. I wish I had started it a long time ago. I had a great time. I keep practicing at home with my new ballet shoes :)

      What kind dance You have done?

    2. Used to be a latino ballroom dancer along with different types in workout just to keep it fun. But it was so intense every class all of us girls/boys would be dead-some vomiting and others near to passing out. THEY WORK YOU HARD. It's such a motivation to get fit!

      Might start looking at a different type of dance, not sure what style to go for though! Never done ballet, being plumper than most ballet dancers i think i would just be 100% self concious.

      -C xx